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hi may i know how the "study plan" works?

i have a saunders Q&A3rd edition (the green one) -is it enough? or do i need the compre?-

my exam is on june 28th

and honestly I have no idea on how to go about with the review (I did some scanning but I cant seem to retain much). I cant afford paying for review centers here in the Phiippines or those online. Hope you can help out or suggest anything. I did the exams on saunders cd and I got 60% minimum. Is that bad -how do I set the standards on the scores I get?:uhoh3:

oh and regarding those fill in the blanks items-will specific answers for it to be counted be required (word for word?) or will similar terms be ok?

thanks a lot! Hope you can find time to reply me. God Bless

suzanne4, RN

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Responded to your pm and e-mail. You must have six weeks to complete my program.


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:jester:hi i am from nc and it has been 10 yrs since i have taken the rn nclex and failed. Can you please advise me on some book or a program that will help me be successful with passing the rn nclex. I have had test anxiety in the pass and i need to pass and put this behind me for myself. thank nc

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Suzanne's plan is no longer available. Here is a link to the post that explains the situation:

Suzanne's Plan is no longer available on this site - Nursing for Nurses

Also included in that post are a number of other links for help with studying.

NCLEX Discussion Forum - Nursing for Nurses

This link will take you to the NCLEX discussion forum with many threads that may be of help.

I hope you are able to find your way around and that is helpful to you. We're glad you found us. :up:

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