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Re: Parenteral Nutrition(Lipofundin-Intralipid 20%)


Hey guys,I have some question,usually for the elderly how many hours do you infuse lipofundin-Intralipid 20%, 500 cc bottle?

Hope you can help me, tnx!:D


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Many of our physicians will order the house protocol based on the patients needs. Having said that 99% of the time the rate of infusion has been 42ml/hr for the lipids along with the TPN/PPN. so it comes to about 12 hours infusion time. Hope this helps.

gradcare, LPN

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Have yet to see a "standard rate" of TPN administration as nutritional needs can vary dependent on disease state, weight temp etc. Also fat percentage (eg 10 % vs 20%) can be altered depending on comorbitities and serum triglyceride levels

ghillbert, MSN, NP

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I agree - usually over 12 hrs at 42 ml/hr.

cardiacRN2006, ADN, RN

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Our lipids come in 250cc bags, and we run then at 30cc/hr x 8 hours.


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our lipids come in 500c glass bottle, different %'s require different rates, but the constant with lipids for our protocol require the bottle to be changed every 24hrs and no fitlers.

how often do you use it? does it have any serious complications

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