Re-interviewing for an area of the hospital worth it?


Is it worth re-interviewing for an area of the hospital you already didn't get a position for?

About a year ago, I had my first interview for an RN position in the OR right after getting my license (I did OR capstone in nursing school). I bombed the interview because I was vastly underprepared and there were multiple department heads in the interview. I'm also not sure my capstone instructor was my biggest fan.

I have been working on a transplant med-surg floor for about a year now and would like to work in a different area.

Should I re-interview again for an OR position here or is my past interview-bombing an omen that I'm screwed? I really enjoyed the OR and this is a very good hospital.

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What do you have to lose?


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I am currently working as a RN in the same hospital/department that I interviewed for as a tech. I bombed the peer interview the first time.

Also like the previous poster stated, what do you have to lose? Now you are bringing a years experience to the job that you didn't have the last time.