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I've recently received my license but no recent experience. Graduated several years ago. I would like to go back to get nursing career on track through this program and later maybe considered for a job.

This is directed to all employed RN nurses in California who maybe aware of the program in their organizations.

Please include contact info. of hospital HR, websites, direct numbers that can facilitate the inquiry.

Please post all your threads that may help many and not just me but others who are looking to start over their long lost career.

Thank you.


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this is Sigma Theta Tau website. Check it out.

Also, Michigan State University. On line refresher open to nurses in other states with clinicals in your local area. This has another option to include Ambulatory, Home Care, Long Term care etc...


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Thank you 1RRRN, I will follow up on these leads. Not that I am getting frustrated because I know I will get there sooner or later. The nursing shortage is real and they will need "us" no matter what.

Though the thought of going to another state is there, I think I should remain here.

Please continue to respond to this thread to those who may be able to provide assistance and leads.

Thanks again. :up:


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You can stay where you are to do the MSU program. It is online theory/study with clinical practicums at the hospital

or setting in your state. The school works with you to find a preceptorship. But, check out the Sigma Theta Tau site too. That would be recognized widely. I found that it is hard to find a hospital with an existing refresher. But, you might be able to. You could bring these ideas(or others) for study to your future employer. As a conversation starter anyway. Or if you know where you want to work already try to negotiate an orientation that suits you. There is alot that can be done online with specialty ceus. Good luck. Get a mountain of postive energy building in yourself. I've also been able to get extra classes as a Red Cross volunteer. That's one good thing about volunteering...They LOVE to see you! And it helps to get your "identity" back and DO good.


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Thank you. I checked MSU and had not heard back from the program contact.

It offers 120 clinical hours only. I don't think that is sufficient and the costs and effort might be a waste. I am upbeat, positive and motivated because these are the things that should drive my spirit.

I had also signed up with American Diabetes Society, CA Nursing Association, American Red Cross ( no response ).

But I will keep on signing up to Organizations that will bump me closer to where I want to go. Your help is well appreciated and thanks again.

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There generally aren't a lot of refresher options and they may not be as intensive as you would like. In So Cal, check with Mt. San Antonio College, Azusa Pacific, Adventist Health, maybe even Mt St Mary's. I was looking into refresher options some years back and those names come to mind as having offered some kind of refresher at some point. Can't say what might be available now. Good luck!

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I have absolutely no helpful advice but just wanted to shout out that I am right there with ya and GOOD LUCK.:up: In this economy i am very wary of even shelling out the dough for a refresher course...wondering if I'd even get a job anyway...

Hopefully Cali will be better to ya!:smokin:


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Check out california State University san marcos and UCSD extension San Diego

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