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Re-entering the workforce after 2 years

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Hi Nurse Beth,

I graduated with my ADN in 2011. My first job was in a triage GI office and I started there in 2012. I left the office to gain experience in subacute care and spent at least 1-2 years in this position. I finally got a position in the hospital in 2015 but left there after two years.

Sadly, It was not a good fit. I decided to take some time off to obtain my BSN, and I helped my sister with her kids while she attending nursing school, and worked. She was going through a bad divorce and needed a career since she was a homemaker. Anyway, my sister unexpectedly passed away and I took off more time from nursing than I had anticipated. I have been off the floor for some time (a little over 2 years), and now I'm trying to re enter the profession. I wanted to work PCU or ICU when I was on the Medical Surgical floor but not sure if I need to return to M/S before I even consider applying for these critical care areas?

Dear Trying to Re-enter,

I'm sorry about the loss of your sister.

You have 2 years of acute care experience with a 2 year unemployment. You could probably do well in intensive care, but for now, take what you are offered to get your foot in the door.

Reach out to your old contacts and hone your interviewing skills.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

Start your job search today!

Thank you! I did exactly what you said, and now I'm working at the hospital within the Progressive Care Unit. 🙂