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Re: Charting Help/Broken Fibula


Dear Adaptation,

Thank you so much for your reply. You don't know what an encouragement that was to me.

Slow documentation might not kill a patient, but I guess Medicare penalties can kill a business. I guess that is more important to them than someone who is good with the patients. But, aren't they why we are in the business? I have been in a supervisory position before. Even if I had to talk to a girl about something she might have done wrong or could improve on, I always tried to find something good to say, too. I think it is one of the duties of a supervisor to do her part to make sure her girls are doing the best that they can. The second-in-command (the owner was in the Philippines visiting her sick mother), who was the one who told me to "take a hike", actually told me that my "positive reinforcement" was my paycheck. It wasn't her duty to give me "warm fuzzies". Would her marriage survive long without "warm fuzzies" from her hubby? I think not.

Not only do I now have no job; four days after my "firing" found me with a broken fibula. It is a struggle just to get through my own ADL's, let alone try to look for work. I can't stay at the desk or computer too long - my toes (the only thing I can see sticking out of my cast) get to looking like little stuffed sausages and get rather dusky looking if they stay in a dependent position too long. :crying2:

Several of my patients have actually continued a relationship with me outside of work. Their choice. Of course I welcomed it. Kind of validates what I knew and said about my being a good nurse and the patients liking me, huh?

I could use some prayers and some encouragement. Who is going to want to hire me when they see me hobbling/crutching in through their door?

Thanks again, Adaptation, for your encouragement.

I hope to have a good report for all of you very soon.

"Crutchingly" Yours,

Nurse Candy

hoolahan, ASN, RN

Specializes in Home Health.

{{{{{Candy}}}}}} I am sending warn fuzzy thoughts your way!! Hope you recover quickly and painlessly.

renerian, BSN, RN

Specializes in MS Home Health.

Candy I am sorry you do not have a job. What happened to your about your broken bone? Candy some places the interview process is very long. I interviewed at the hospital starting the end of July and I just started this week.

You can always be up front about it.


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