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Hello everyone

I am a Canadian nurse in Ontario who is VERY interested in moving to California to continue my nursing career. If any of you are from California and have suggestions or information on wages and pt/nurse ratios. Real estate averages? Bascially anything pertaining to nursing in California, please reply :chuckle

I am interested in the Anahiem area (Orange County) but would love to hear of jobs and opportunites from all areas of sunny California.

Thank you for your time:kiss


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I too am from Ontario, and have hopes of moving to California in the future! We are thinking of heading to San Francisco!

All I can offer is to research research research.

Start by checking out the government page for that location. Contact the hospitals in that area.

Best of luck to you!


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I know a recruiting company that my neighbour used and they provided cost of living comparisons and everything. If you want their name you can pm me.


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Suggest you go to

Salaries and cost of living will vary depending on location. Big cities (LA and SF) and areas closer to the ocean pay more but are more expensive to live in. Hoag Hospital in Newport is a great hospital and is an OK comute to Anaheim.

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