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3rd week as an RN!


SO I am now in my 3rd week of orientation of my first nursing job. Everything has gone super fast....graduated, took boards, and started work all within like a month and a half. These three weeks have truly taught me how much nursing school HAS NOT taught me. They really mean it when they say boards are meant to mean you are ready for your first SIX months as an RN. Everything is so overwhelming to me and I find myself getting caught up in all the little things (skills, timing, etc..) at work and not seeing the big picture. Time management is also a whole other issue. I took 3 patients last week with my preceptor supervising and I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off and then when I had to give report to the CN, I couldn't even tell her the plan of care for one of the patients. Does this get better with time?? I feel like there aren't enough hours in my shift to do things to the extent that I'd like to (looking up H&P's, labs, procedures, etc on the computer) without getting out having a 15 hour shift. At the same time, not doing this is hurting me clinically because I'm just not getting the bigger picture sometimes. My preceptor seems happy with everything that I'm doing and helps me a lot, but I really just want to do better. I also don't want to seem like a complete idiot when i talk to other nurses, families, and patients. Does anyone else feel like this?

don't worry right now you feel like time is not enough but once you are on the actual field for few more months you will feel more comfortable it takes time sometimes.


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it is totally normal when u first start to not even do well report, you are not expected to do well period...it is a period of adjust,emt and you will be on your own doing everything a nurse does in no time. Your preceptor seems to be happy with you so tha means you are learning. Just give yourself sometime, I have been on my own for three months only and I have seen a new nurse emerging, I have no complaints. Good luck!!

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I understand, I'm new too. Hang in there, we can do this! Best of wishes to you :)

thanks guys! I told my preceptor that I really wanted to work on getting the plan of care down for my patients and putting it all together and she told me not to worry about it right now. Maybe I'm jumping the gun a little? She says I'm right where I need to be...It's just really frustrating to be terrified talking

to an MD or pt family and feeling like you really have no idea what's going on...