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Hi there, im stumped on a question for the application of spring 2010, this question might sound dumb, but i need to be 100% sure before i submit anything.

On the application it asks if i have successfully completed the TEAS test with 67 or more, yes or no. (this question is * so i have to check a box)

i have not taken the TEAS test yet, in fact, i need to submit this application so RCC will invite me to take the TEAS test. How am i supposed to answer this question? Im leaning more toward No as the answer, but im afraid that when they look at my application, they will just move on.

At all the nursing programs here in SoCal, you take the TEAS after you submit everything else. So, if you are eligible, then you would take it. So I would say No, but still call the school.

Some people take the TEAS at other schools or whatnot, so that's probably why its asking. I would call and just ask the school what their TEAS schedule is, and when students take it regarding the application period. Don't tell them your name, if you feel awkward about it. Just call and ask.

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At my local RCC in NC, the TEAS test is also one of the last things you take for the first stage of the application process. I'm sure they probably have that on there for those who may have taken it previously and do not or cannot take it again. Hope this helps. :)

ya i kept trying to call and everything, but only a machine since the nursing department is really busy at this time. And the counselors also say double check with the department just to make sure, so i might have to drive over at RCC's main campus and ask them in person.

thank you for the responses everyone

If anyone else is applying Spring 2010 or remembers seeing this question when applying for their RN program, please lemme know, thanks!

I have no idea what the TEAS is, but when I get a question like that on an application, I briefly write in my own answer.

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