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I need help with word problem ratios for the hesi. They are confusing me and if anyone has tips it would really help.


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I would definitely check YouTube. There can be done very helpful videos on there.

I did. They helped. But im not quite sure if ratios are asked as word problems or just a simple math problem on the hesi


Has <1 years experience.

I got a lot of ratios on my hesi and they were asked as word problems for the most part. There might have been maybe one or two that weren't word problems.

Could you give me an example? I know how to set up proportions. However, I need some insight on ratios are asked as word problems. I take my test Thursday!

i went and looked at my hesi book at the math ratios in it just to see if itd make me remember more of the ratios on the hesi test, so that i could help you out more. I can honestly say, if you know how to set up ratios, you are fine. As long as you know in the word problem that if it says "6 were $10.. how many were $25" its all set up like that. Just like if they say 1 in = 2.54 cm and they want 20 cm = how many inches -- then you know 1in/2.54cm = x(in)/20(cm) = 7.87 in --- that a proportion - just think about what they are asking you and you can set up any proportion thrown at you. Try out the hesi A2 app, there are tons of proportion word problems.

ex. "a plan for a house is drawn on a 1:40 scale (1 is the drawing, 40 is the actual house) - if the length of the living room on the drawing measures 4.5 inches, what is the actual length of the built living room. this is a proportion--- 1/40 = 4.5/X (bc 4.5 is the drawing it goes on top) so 4.5 X 40 = 180 inches (15 feet)

what is 35% of 70 is a proportion --- (of 70 always goes on the bottom) X/70 = 35%/100 = 24.5 (70 X 35 divided by 100)

how many pounds are there in 8 kilograms -- proportion - 2.2pouds/1kilogram = X/8kilograms (2.2 X 8) =17.6

if a train travels 270 miles in 3 hours, how far will it travel in 4.5 hours? 270miles/3hours = X/4.5hours (270 X 4.5 divided by 3) = 405

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You're amazing! that is everything I studied. Girl thank you so much. I am going to sit and keep reviewing these types problems over and over. You really helped me out. I appreciate it very much. That doesn't seem too bad. Alrighty I got this 😊