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First of all, thanks for your candor. I'm researching the health care field becasue it appears to offer personal fulfillment along with the brightest futures in today's climate. Within health care, to this outside observer, it appears nursing offers the most flexibilty and room for growth and advancement.

So, my question for you: Do you wish you had another job in healthcare, or is the healthcare field the problem? After much deliberation, I have decided that healthcare is the best employment field for the remainder of my working life (I'm 32). Everyone knows the baby boomer demographic and by now every one is becoming aware that previously secure and lucrative white collar jobs can be done overseas by armies of college-educated people for a fraction of the salary. I recently left a good job at a major computer company, and could write a book on why. I also feel that many of the people you know with decent jobs have the ONLY job they can get, and if they lose it will be in bad shape.

So I'm curious, where would you rather be under today's conditions? A non-nursing health related field? Or out of health care all together?

I really look forward to some if the ideas...Thanks!


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I have no regrets on my choice to become a nurse. I like the variety and the movability, you can work in so many different specialties and cities. However, I do think there are jobs with better pay and better working conditions. Respiratory therapists where I work all seem to love their jobs and the pay is better.

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Nursing has always come in quite handy for me over all of these years. It gives you great insight into many other things. It gives you the luxury of being able to move around as often as you would like and experience different things. There are so many different things that can be done with a nursing license, I am sure that many of you are unaware of some. You just have to make it work for you................

Good luck in whatever you decide to to. :balloons:


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thanks eveyone!

i would like to to hear from nurses who long for a different career in health care:

do you wish you were a respiratory therapist? PT? perfusionist? rad tech? dosimetry? echo? and why?

suzanne4, if you don't mind I'm going to send you a PM...feel free to ignore

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