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Sorry for the OT nature, but I am avoiding doing my essays at the minute, and whilst searching this site I had a really thought:

Can you imagine what it would be like, If instead of a Uk forum, there was a seperate forum, for each of the counties, like the new US state ones?

I think it would be very lonely!! we would all have to shout very loud!

Sorry but I did say it was a random OT thought!



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LOL Whisper!!! Certainly couldnt whisper could we!!! Definately need to shout! ;o)



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whisper- you are definately on WAB!! yes we would need to shout!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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WAB? Should I know what that means? All I am on is Caffine and Beechams.... Honestly, despite other types of medication people THINK I should be on!!

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