Random furniture thoughts

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I don't know why I started obsessing about this today - maybe because I was trying to just avoid COVID thoughts for ten minutes - but what is the deal with the weird "recovery couches" or "exam tables" in school health offices? I have a room with two exam tables. They are tall and narrow and without side rails, like exam tables in an outpatient clinic, except in an incredibly heavy wooden base with built-in drawers. I worry about putting a sick or dizzy kid at that altitude! On the other hand my last school had a low, hard, flat, very uncomfortable, not even 6' long "recovery couch," basically a slightly padded bench, far too small for most of my adolescent students.

Today I was thinking to myself, "How did these weird cots come to be a school thing?" Why, for instance, don't we have medical-type recliner chairs? Or just regular gurneys?

And why are these weird and uncomfortable pieces of furniture $700-$1200??

(sigh). OK, you can go back to thinking about COVID again.

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Yup. I had a dizzy kid fall off one of them last year. Also as soon as there is the world's tiniest hole in them the kids at my school will shove their fingers into the hole and tear them apart. I hate recovery beds.