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Raises? When/How?

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Hi everyone! So I am working with a home health company. It is a relatively new job, and i'm almost at 90 days on the job.

My boss is very happy with me; the client I work for is extremely happy and have offerred to be references for me....basically things are going really good.

I am just curious, because i have a performance evaluation coming up after my 90 days are up. Would it be appropriate to ask for a raise at that time?

When is it appropriate to ask for a raise? If it is inappropriate to ask for a raise after 90 days, when would it be appropriate? How would I go about doing this? I was thinking of saying something like : "When is it typical for an employee to be considered for a raise?" I wasn't told anything about raises before being hired and i've combed through the initial paperwork....no mention of raises.

What to do?

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If you have an evaluation coming up, then they will probably give you one then. That's how my facility does it. You may have to ask for it though, sometimes they like to wait it out until you ask.

Can you ask some of the other people you work with?

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