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I am currently an RN case manager for a home health agency. Does anyone in home health ever get a raise? I have worked here for over 2 years and instead of a raise, we got a pay cut and the amount of paperwork we are required to do is like twice as much. I love the flexibility but I just can't do this anymore. The RN case managers at my company don't get paid travel time or overtime. The LPNs do get travel time and overtime. I feel it would probably be better to work as an LPN at this agency. Is it like this for everyone?


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In more than two decades of home health nursing, working for many agencies over the years, I have never received a pay raise except for one step increase when I worked in a union shop at the time.

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I worked for a poorly run home health agency w/no regards for the nurses- no raise in 2 years. I then switched to a highly reputable VNA that cares very much about the staff & their reputation, I've have 3 raises in 2 years. Try looking around for a better VNA. The one I work with now is directly affiliated w/ a large hospital and I think this makes a big difference than the stand alone ones.


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Good for you for finding a decent place for home care. I am planning to leave home health and never looking back. Over the 2 years I worked there every RN meeting we had we had more work loaded on us and less pay so I am kind of jaded at this point. The one RN at the company has worked there for 12 years and makes the same that she makes now. When I voice my opinion during a meeting all I get is a blank stare and wipe of the eyes like they are saying "poor baby". I didn't work my butt to get a masters degree to be treated this way. I do my work and have only called in sick twice in 2 years and don't even get a "good job" or a pat on the back. The last few weeks I am feeling burnt out and really sad that it has come to this.