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  1. Hello! I am going to be starting a new position next month in a unit that does diagnostic imaging and cath lab procedures. I have ICU experience, but I know there will be a lot that I don't know in this job. I will be placing picc lines too. I have looked around a little here and you nurses seem like a wonderful resource, but I was wondering if there were websites that you know of that give more info on Rad nursing, cath lab nursing, picc lines...? It sounds like I won't be scrubbing on most procedures, just giving meds, monitoring pts, and documenting. But I would like to try to learn a little before I walk in to the place!!
    Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   dianah
    There aren't a lot of websites that I know of but here are a few suggestions: is the website for the American Radiological Nurses Association. Scroll through their threads to get an idea of current issues in the field. There may be a chapter meeting in your area that would be a good way to network with others in the field.

    Subscribe to Cath Lab Digest, thru -- receive a slick, large magazine every month with articles pertinent to Cath Labs. is a website with a lot of educational articles (not really hands-on learning for procedures, though). Once you subscribe they'll send you frequent email updates on heart issues/ongoing studies/findings/meetings etc.

    Order a book on interventional radiology procedures and study it.

    Through the years it has been tough to find classes and seminars for our specialty area, Radiology Nursing. Some of the vendors can provide inservices, and others arrange for speakers in local restaurants, in the evenings.

    These are off the top of my head; if I think of more will post. Welcome to a decidedly BUSY and DYNAMIC specialty!! -- D
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