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  1. Anybody going to SIR/ARNA conference in Salt Lake the end of this month??????????

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  3. by   frann
    I am!!!
    I just found out last week.
    Flying to Utah!! wow. I'm prn staff, but I'm filling in on a full time basis, no one else wanted to go, so I get to go. I'm excited. never been to a convention.
  4. by   RadRN2
    Great!! You will enjoy it, I'm sure. This conference is typically really great. I always learn a huge amount plus I get to talk with alot of other radiology nurses. There is always a huge exhibit hall which is fun to go through and the reps always have lots of great "freebies" for everybody. Alot of them are more than happy to "wine and dine" your group, too.
  5. by   dianah
    Not me this year, boo hoo! You guys have a great time (I know you will!) -- it should be a wonderful place to visit! Be safe. -- Diana
  6. by   RadRN2
    Thanks, dianah.... Wish you could go, too. Next year is Phoenix, I hear.
  7. by   dspring
    I'm not, but I am getting sent to Las Vegas in October for the big Vascular seminar there. It's at the Mandalay Bay, and the dates are Oct 14th through the 17th.
  8. by   Disablednurse
    I have never heard of a radiology nurses. What do they do as far as job duties? Something new to me.
  9. by   dianah
    Hi Disablednurse: Check out ARNA (American Radiological Nurse's Association) website (a .org, not a .com) for "official" info. Radiology nurse's duties vary with the facility. Some help with/sedate angios/special procedures. Others help with diagnostic Cardiology (TEEs, Persantine or Dobutamine stress tests) and/or Cardiac Caths; others help with starting IVs on outpts for CTs and IVPs, and helping monitor for adverse reactions to contrast. For special procedures: Helping place nephrostomy tubes, tunneled dialysis catheters(hemo and PD), PICCs w/fluoro, Angios w/PTA/stents/embolizations (possibly chemoembolizations); placement of biliary drains; CT- and US-guided biopies and placement of drains in chest, abd, pelvic fluid collections/empyemas, etc. . . . I'm sure I've forgotten something! Pt. education, one-on-one care during case, sedation (mild and conscious), rescues ("we have a patient up at the registration desk that isn't feeling well/is nauseated/is fainting . . .), possibly hands-on assist for Radiologist (if not sedating). Does the above help?
  10. by   smittybike
    I am a cath lab nurse transitioning into radilogy, I've worked in IR for 3 1/2 years, and now I am assisting in CT, ultrasound, xray. nuc med. I don't have much to go on as far as policy and procedure, documentation of my time etc. Any resources you could recommend would be great!