IV Contrast Dye Types?

  1. Hi! OB/GYN RN here......I'm having an MRI of my liver with contrast next week. Can't for the life of me remember what kind of contrast it is, but the clinical specialist told me it will be injected and then I'll have to wait for 2 hours before the scan is done.

    Does anyone have an idea of what kind of contrast it could be? I was only aware of the kind of contrast that goes in via the auto-injector at the same time the scans are being done. If anyone could point me to a reference (just to satisfy my own curiosity), I'd appreciate it.

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  3. by   dianah
    A gadolinium-type contrast will be used, which is chemically different from the iodine-based contrast agents used for IVPs, CT scans and angiograms.

    A lot of ppl say it feels "cold" going into the vein.

    You can do a search using the words "MRI contrast liver" and come up with many articles. Perhaps "gadolinium MRI liver" would give you some hits more specific to your question.

    I copied one link (below) about a potentially serious adverse effect of receiving gadolinium, which doesn't apply to everyone.

    Are you claustrophobic?
    Some ppl don't realize the scanner may give them a claustrophobic feeling ("I've never been claustrophobic, I don't know why that tube bothers me!").
    Some ppl require a dose of (po) medication (Ativan, Valium, etc) 30-45 min before the scan, for their claustrophobia.
    Some ppl can go thru with a towel over their eyes.
    Other ppl have told me, "DON'T put anything on my face!"
    I have to close my eyes before being moved into the scanner, and if I keep them closed the whole time I'm in it, I'm OK.

    I hope your test goes well, and the results are helpful. --- D

    Edited: I just re-read your post. Perhaps you should phone the Imaging Center where you'll have the MRI and ask what the contrast agent's name is, as the gado we used to give was given slowly IV (causes N/V in some ppl if given too fast), and then the pt was immediately returned to the scanner to finish the exam. No waiting 2 hr. So, the contrast may be different, and the Imaging Center should be able to fill you in w/details (or at least give you the name so you can google it. )
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  4. by   daisybaby
    Thanks for the helpful remarks, and the link. I did call the facility where I'm having the MRI and was told they will be using "MultiHance". I'll have a scan done as the contrast is injected, and another set 2 hours afterward.

    Thanks also for the heads-up about potential claustrophobia- definitely good to know!:spin: