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  1. We are an evolving IR department in a moderately sized hospital and will be negotiating a fair and equitable plan for on-call pay. I would appreciate any input as to what the industry standard is for on-call pay. I am already aware of one hospital within the vicinity that pays their nurses 2 hours straight pay for every eight hours of scheduled on-call time whether or not it falls on a weekend. What do you do?
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  3. by   dianah
    It's been three years since I was on call, but ours (280-bed county facility) was:

    ** A minimum rate for carrying the pager (for example, $3.50 an hour)

    ** Two hours' pay for getting called in every time you got called in (even if you were paged while you were on your way in, and the case got cancelled)

    ** Time and a half for the first four hours, from the time you arrived at the hospital to the time you left after the case.

    ** Double-time for any time worked over and above the first four hours.

    Hope that helps. I like the phrase "fair and equitable."
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  4. by   kathy54
    Pitiful, but our call pay has just been increased to 1.50 per hour for carying the pager. We also get two hours of pay if we are there 10 min. or 1/2 hr. If we have worked 40 hrs. that week we are paid double time.
  5. by   Lanurse0417
    I am a nurse in radiology at a moderate sized hospital. I guess there are about 200 beds or so. We get paid $3 an hour for call pay, and then time and a half for call back. We get the first hour automatically when we clock in whether or not we are there for an hour(makes picc lines a breeze). There are only two of us(nurses) in the department so we alternate call 7 days on and 7 days off. Hope this helps.....