Hello out there!!

  1. Hey everybody! I would love to chat with some other rad nurses!I check this forum at least once or twice a week, and it's been kinda dead lately! WHAT'S THE DEAL??
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  3. by   radnurse2001
    Hey, this is radnurse....
    I check it too!!!!!! Where did everybody go? I would love to talk to another radnurse!!!!! What is the topic of conversation? DIALYSIS???? Nice but Slow interventionalists? NO LUNCH? You name it I can discuss it. Hope to hear from you soon!!!!!

  4. by   frann
    Helllloooooooo out there too,

    I'm new to Inter. Rad. Still love it. We leave at 5 every day, If there is still work to be done , they call in the on call nurse.

    Been there less than 3 weeks and we have had free chinese food from the docs 2x. actually last time was from a drug rep. Went home a hour early Friday because there were no cases.
  5. by   AZRadRN
    So good to hear from you all! Sorry I've been offline for awhile (computer problems) I was so happy to see some messages posted from other rad. nurses. I don't even know where to start about rad nursing. It definitely has its ups and downs. Right now I'm in a down phase, but I'm sure it's going to get better (this too shall pass, my mom used to say) Sometimes I get so frustrated. I'm the only rad nurse in this small hospital. Nobody to vent with when things get frustrating. My manager is a tech and knows nothing about nursing and whenever I address a problem with her it's just patronizing B.S. ("I'll look into that..")
    I get in return. On the other hand, my hours are awesome and I have a degree of autonomy that most nurses don't experience. And for the most part I work well with and respect the radiologists. I used to work in a huge county hospital in another state and things are so different here. Everybody has a bad case of "That's not how we do things here." Reminds me of my small, rural hometown (not a good thing). Too much gossip and backstabbing and unprofessional attiutudes. My husband says I take it too personally. He's probably right. No particular topic, just wanted to vent. Thanks for letting me
  6. by   frann
    Saw a tips procedure yesterday. Wow!! it sure does take a long time. The pt. was on the table 4+hrs with 11 doses of versed/fentanyl. I didn't even seee the end of it. my shift ended.

    Some of these procedures look real painful. Those needles are so big!
  7. by   Beachbum
    Hello!!Hey AZRadRN sounds like you work at the same facility I work at. I'm the only RN, the hours are good, the radiologist is wonderful to work for and I basically can do whatever I want. But all the other garbage is trying. I vent to my husband, he is the CT tech here, so I do have that advantage. But being able to talk to other Rad nurses helps. THe other thing I like about being down in Radiology, I am able to spend a little more time with the patients than I did on the floor (especially the days I have 7 - 8 patients) so I get to know them and pamper them, more so our frequent cancer patients that come in for the follow up CT scans.

    I'm glad I took this position, it makes you stronger because you are away from the other nursing departments and you know the ole saying "out of sight, out of mind" that used to bother me at first, but I realize I'm different know than I was before. and I think for the better.

    Great talking to you guys lets keep it up.:roll
  8. by   frann
    Do you'll ever have many emergencies? you know like patients going bad? What procedures do they most occur with?
  9. by   AZRadRN
    It's wonderful to see this thread getting so many replies! Beachbum, great to hear from you! Now I know "I am not alone!!" I guess I was having a bad week last time I posted here. I really can't complain too much. Working in radiology beats working on the units any day! Gotta keep reminding myself of that! It is great to be able to give my patients lots of attention, and they are so grateful. Frann, I don't see many emergencies here (small hospital, not a Level I Trauma center).
    But at my former job, used to see GSW's and MVA pre-ops all the time in angio. By the grace of God never had one crash on me. But did have a couple of patients code during cardiac stress tests. One MI on the table in angio and one CVA. Not bad for 3 years ( Had lots of support from other RN's in rad and the ER)
  10. by   AZRadRN
    Hey frann, ever seen a GDC procedure? Pretty interesting but LOOOOONNNGGGG. I'm not a big fan of vertebroplasty either. Takes forever and that compound STINKS!! I don't work angio here. This hospital has Specials and cardiac cath lab combined and a separate RN (me) for radiology (CT, Xray, US, etc). First time I ever heard of this arrangement. I kinda miss angio. Got to see a lot and learn a lot there.
  11. by   frann
    Whats a gdc?
    We do about 2 agio's/day. piccs, feeding tubes, facets, port placements, tip's procedures,saw a colon stent placed last week. They say they only see those maybe once in 3 years. paracentesis, chest tube placement, and ahhhhhhhhhhh I can't think of any thing else right now. Are those about the same things you'll do? The nurses also do Oh I can't think of the name of it. But it has to do with taking blood pressure reading and pulses in the leg. They also do mri sedation. How do you'll stand
    being on your feet all day. My feet have never been so tired.
    I did get some new new balance shoes with fancy insoles. that has helped some, but man do they hurt after 8 hrs.
  12. by   radnurse2001
    hey everyone!!!!
    I hate vertebroplasies too. we do a lot of dialysis stuff, declots, cath placements, we also do embolizations, vertebroplasties, picc lines angio (everything but the heart) i do all the pediatric sedation in radiology. Frann, i think you are refering to abi"s (ankle brachial indexes) or pvr (pulse volume recording). the job is frustrating and busy but i wouldn't trade it for the world.

  13. by   sun
    this is a general hello to all rad. nurses from me over here across the Atlantic in Bermuda. Are any of you going to the ARNA thingy in Baltimore in April? Perhaps we come join up I am going on my own Jules:
  14. by   AZRadRN
    Frann- GDC is a procedure done by a neuroradiologist. Named for the doc that developed it (Guglielmi Detachable Coil). It is basically used for aneurysms or AVMs (arteriovenous malformations) in the brain. (I understand there are other uses as well). Tiny coils (usually made of platinum, and I think maybe copper?) are inserted through the catheter into the space inside the aneurysm or AVM to fill up the "space" and hopefully correct the abnormal blood flow and minimize the risk of rupture. The coils are placed one at a time (very lengthy procedure) and then detached with a weak electric current through the guidewire and left there. This is usually done under general anesthesia.