Any Rad nurses out there??

  1. What? No radiology posts!?!?! Well.......we need to start one...

    Let's see....... how did everyone get trained in radiology nursing? Anyone actually have an organized training program or did everyone just OJT from the other nurses there like I did?
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  3. by   jaquar
    Would love to talk about documentation on patients in radiology and nursing credentialing. 315 361 2113....thanks
  4. by   RadRN2
    Hello, Jaquar

    I don't dare call because I often get home late and I don't know what time zone you are in. We can chat back and forth here or you can PM me, if you would rather. E-mail is OK, too.

    Anything specific about documentation and credentialing? I have been in radiology for 8 yrs. Our hosp. is roughly 350 beds. We have 11 rad's (we are not a teaching hospital, no interns/residents), five are interventional. We have an off-campus imaging center (mammo, stereotactic and US breast biopsy) and radiation oncology center that the rad. RN's staff besides the main campus. We have 5 FT RN's and 2 PT.

    How about you?
  5. by   opalmRN
    If I went to school for x-ray and then to another school for ultrasound and now I am going to school for nursing,
    will that make me a rad nurse by default?
    Just kidding. I never thought about combining my education.
    I'd love to hear more about radiology nursing. Where I did my rad and ultrasound clinical there weren't any nurses in the Rad department. We occasionally called for one if we encountered IV difficulties with patients but that was it.
  6. by   dianah
    It's always enlightening and affirming to touch base with other Radiology nurses. Please PM me too, especially with specific questions.

    Jaguar, can you narrow down the "documentation and credentialing" question? Yes, we document lots of things, depending on the case: documentation for a PICC is different than for, say, an angio . . . different for mild or no sedation compared with moderate ("conscious") sedation . . .

    RadRN, I see your posts here n' there on the BB, nice to hear from you on this (usually VERY slow) sub-category!! I was trained on-the-job too; I call(ed) it "seat-of-the-pants" nursing: you kinda went by your gut at first! First trained in a separate Cath Lab (23 yr ago!!), have been in this present facility, in Radiology and Cath Lab combined, for 20 yr now. As with any job, it has it's ups and downs.

    Opalm, what specific questions do you have about Radiology nursing? I don't want to bore you with a long post about things you're really not wanting to know . . . thanks in advance for the interest!!

    -- D
    I would like to learn things about the Radiology Nursing.

    Last fall I started into the Radiology program but had to drop out due to finances. I am now trying to go thru RN. I would love to do the Radiology Nursing here. I have talked to a couple of people here and they say I would have a good chance of getting on if I wanted it and when I finish school. Any kind of information would be great
  8. by   jaquar
    I work in 101 bed hospital where they have started to do procedures in x-ray and nuclear med where they want nurses. As an RN i was told establish whatever "paperWork" I wanted.HELLOOOOOOO, I don't even know what I'm suppose to be charting. I'm not getting any help from DON because this was an administrative battle she lost. This RN position in Xray is brand new to our facility. I'm looking for help with documenting assessments, discharge instructions, and if you all even create a chart for outpatient radiology procedures. We do breast biopsy's, liver biopsy, fine needle aspirates, etc....
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. by   Spirit A-glow
    I am new to this position - minimal orieintation - only nurse in department. Would also like information for documentation.
  10. by   dianah
    HISSYTHECAT, the criteria for hiring in the Rad. Dept varies from one facility to another, depending on the RN's responsibilities. The RNs in our dept, as well as helping with just about every Radiology procedure in any modality, also monitor cardiac catheterizations, so we require RNs hired here to have at least one year of ICU experience. The nurses with ICU background know their rhythms and "what to watch for and how to respond," for moderate ("conscious") sedation administration and monitoring. Two recent hires came to us from the ED (trauma), rather than the ICU, though, and are doing very well.

    Jaguar and Spirit A-glow, we use the standard Sedation Monitoring flowsheet for most exams where even mild sedation is required. There is a Pre-procedure page (nursing assessment; checkoff for presence of H&P, consent, ASA score, labs . . .), an Intraprocedure page (VS, meds given, presence of essential personnel in room, contrast opened and used, room time in/out, procedure start/finish . . .), post-procedure (charting for PACU/Recovery Room), and an extra lined page for notes which don't fit on any of the other pages.
    For simple exams (e.g., Dialysis cath removal, oral anxiolysis for claustrophobic pt for MRI, nephrostogram . . .) we developed a Nursing Procedure Record: what exam/procedure was done, a brief nursing assessment, area for VS pre and post procedure, MD signature, meds given (time, date, route) discharge info (who is driving pt home, what time they left, etc).

    We love check boxes!! Got tired of writing in longhand for the MRI oral anxiolysis pts, so we found the preop assessment sheet used in Preop Holding would work for us too. When they phased it out and moved on to something else, we retained it, tweaked it a little for our use and renamed it. Works well also for, say, MS IV for HIDA scan, where you want to document what was done and that you did indeed assess the pt pre and monitor post MS injection, but you don't want to do a lot of longhand writing.

    So, in my longwinded way, I should ask, 1) what do you need to document (moderate sedation vs. minor procedure) and, 2)is/are there flowsheets in place in your facility that will meet your needs, or do you need to develop one/some?

    Have you tried the ARNA website? Lots of much more knowledgeable Radiology nurses and techs than I post there, on just these topics. American Radiological Nurses Association. PM me if you need more, or post here. I check in every now and then! Best regards, ---- Diana
  11. by   RadRN2
    Dianah, I agree with you, the ARNA website is a great place for alot of information, not to mention networking. I am a member of ARNA, too, and the journals and newsletters they put out are really great!

    My dept. is separate from cath lab, we do everything except the hearts. We also require a couple of years critical care experience; ICU, ER, sometimes PACU background is good. We do alot of ICU and ER pts, therefore the critical care background really is essential. Sedation/analgesia is a very big part of many of our procedures, and CT/MRI scanning. So, we require yearly competency review for this, also.

    We have alot of dept-specific forms but also use some house-wide forms as well. I agree, take advantage of what forms are already available to you and modify as needed. We have a combination of forms (love check-boxes, too!) and also do computer-charting on pre and post angiogram and myelogram pts. When creating or deciding on what forms you need to have, keep in mind JCAHO requirements. Sedation/analgesia and informed consent are a couple of big hot-button issues. I would be willing to send copies of forms we currently use if anyone is interested (PM me).

    Just to push ARNA one more time --- once a year, ARNA holds a national conference in conjunction with the Society of Interventional Radiologists (used to be SCVIR) that's about 4-5 days long. The next one is in Salt Lake City I believe March/April. For me, this conference was a Godsend the first time I went! I learned radiology nursing "by the seat of my pants", too, and felt very unsure about what I was doing. Going to the conference and talking with tons of other rad nurses from tiny and huge hospitals helped tremendously!!!!
  12. by   dianah
    Yep, I always come away from the ARNA meetings simultaneously humbled, stirred, affirmed and exhausted! Gotta love 'em!!
  13. by   RadRN2
    Originally posted by dianah
    Yep, I always come away from the ARNA meetings simultaneously humbled, stirred, affirmed and exhausted! Gotta love 'em!!
    Not to mention 10 pounds heavier and broke!! (Good restaurants!!)
  14. by   dianah
    So, are you going this year? I'm not sure if I'll be able to, although Utah is somewhat closer to me than San Antonio was! One son has a week-long trip to DC with his class in May ($$$$, and more if I want to go too!), and the other son's overnight trip to Santa Barbara is the week before the DC trip (more $$ -- of course, I'm planning on going to both!!). So, I don't know if I can afford to go to Utah. Our hospital only pays tuition, not air or land costs, and only a small am't for meals. Footed the whole bill when I went to San Antonio (reimbursed for tuition, of course). Am not quite ready to do that again, at least this year. Besides, we have two new Rad nurses on board who've never been to a meeting, and it would be a good thing for one of them to go. -- D