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Radford University ABSN

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Hey Everyone!

I’m strongly considering applying for Radford University’s ABSN program next year and was wondering what people thought of the program for those who are currently in it or have graduated from it since it’s a relatively new program? Also what were the stats of people who were accepted into the program if you don’t mind sharing?
Thank you!

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I just got accepted into the Fall 2020 cohort at Radford Carilion for the ABSN program, as of yesterday!
I am still awaiting a decision from another school before I decide whether to accept. I will share my stats for you:

Undergraduate degree: BS in Biology from a small, private liberal arts school

Undergrad GPA: 3.57

My biology classes I did pretty well in, but not so well in Chem. I had a B- for Chem I, and C+ in Chem II. I also struggled with Biochem. I withdrew the first time taking it and got a B- the second time. B in Microbio, but this was probably balanced out by my significant research in a Microbiology topic. A- in A&P. Most of my other classes probably averaged out to A- or B+. I initially planned to major in Biomed, so my transcripts have a lot of upper level bio and biomed courses, which I think is a strength.

Completed 2 years of undergraduate research in Microbiology, presented this at multiple state conferences and completed a thesis on my research.

Held many leadership positions in various organizations, including my school's Honors program and others. Member of various greek honors societies. I also volunteered for 4 years on my school EMS squad.

I graduated in May 2019, and have been working a pretty underwhelming sales job since graduating. However, I always have intended to go into the healthcare field. For me, it was a matter of exploring my interests in Biology and then figuring out whether to go into nursing, med school, or PA school. Overall, an ABSN program just fits my goals the best.

I hope that this helps! I would also like to have the perspective from someone already in the program, or someone who has graduated before I make my decision to accept admission.

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I’ve applied for fall 2020! I doubt that I’ll be granted admission though. I haven’t heard back yet due to COVID and I applied in March.  I actually just graduated with my bachelors in biology at the regular campus this Spring semester and decided to try for Roanoke. 

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