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Hi everyone,

I don't know where the semester went, but I have 5 more to go. Clinicals are going great, and I've learned the information from out lectures, skills lab is going okay....I finall tested off on medications the day before the final day to test off. Suddenly during the first week of med. test offs, the lab assistant couldn't return to work, so our professor who teaches lab had to test-off 95 students....she was soooo tired and cranky. To make a long story short...I passed the first time with a provisional passing, so I had to test off again...which I did last Weds. I administered meds to my patient at clinicals on Friday. I had such a hard time crushing her medications. I finally did it and then had a hard time with her opening her mouth....argghhhh. (We're covering geriatrics for our first semester) The bad news is that I'm seriously considered withdrawing from the program. We had our 3rd test this past Weds....and when the professor went over the answers, I recorded the number of answers I got wrong. If I was correct I should receive a 78. Which is passing (we have to get a 75 or up). I failed the 3rd test with a 68, and passed the first one with an A. I went to my schools website to look at my mid term grades and it said that my grade was a D. I don't understand that. We are supposed to get our grades back tomorrow. I am definitely going to talk to a counselor tomorrow though. Anywho, a lot of students have withdrew from the program, being that they didn't do well on the third exam. I really do not want to do that, we 2 more exams, and a Final, wound care test off and a research paper. I think I can pull through, although I do have a little doubt. I don't want to go through to the end and not earn a passing grade, then I would have to apply to another school. If I withdraw, I can reapply again, but who knows when I will be accepted again.


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Ugh {{Fatima}}} You sound so disheartened, I'm sorry. :o

Do you folks take quizzes that are figured into your grade also or just the exams? I don't understand how you can be listed as a "D" either...

Don't let doubt envelop you! Sending positive vibes your way!


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Thanks for the positive vibes....I could definitely use them. I guess I'll find out tomorrow the reason for my D status. No matter what I'm going to work soooo hard for the next 5 weeks. I really want to be a nurse...I've sacrificed to much to get here and I'm sacrificing now. :o I have my 2nd Medical Math quiz tomorrow...it's mainly labels...I'm pretty good at that..I've been studying for the past 2 days...I really have to pass this one...I got an F on the first one. The teacher is really horrible, and he has a thing against nurses....we only have the class one day a week for a hour and 20 minutes, and all he does is complain about how nurses don't do this and don't do that...arrrggghhh. We had to evaluate him last week and we wrote some pretty lengthy paragraphs..... :rotfl:


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Don't give up Fatima! Just keep at it! Look how far you've gotten and how much you've learned! You can do it!! :)

I also only have 5 weeks to go until this semester is officially over! Woohoo! Actually, 4 weeks then the final is on the 5th week (a Thursday - and our classes are held on Mondays and Tuesdays! :angryfire I want to get it done and over with on the Monday! URRGGHH!)

This week is my 4th week of Chronic Illness. I only have clinical one day this week (Wed) because Thursday is Veterans day and my clinical is at a VA hospital - my preceptor took the day off so this week will be short. I have an exam next Monday and then our really big term paper is due two weeks from today :uhoh21: . I really enjoy writing - but more creative writing. Not term papers - yuck!

Got to go finish my clinical paper work!

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