"The Future of Nursing" on NPR at noon today

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Hey all, Kojo Nnamdi on NPR is doing a show on the future of nursing at noon on 88.5 NPR. Happy listening!

The Future of Nursing | The Kojo Nnamdi Show

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I'm sure they are going to talk about the'shortage'......I hope they address how many new grads are unemployed.

The promo was just on and it sounds like they will actually talk about the changes needed in the hospitals but yes, I am sure that they will mention the shortage.

thank you for posting this.

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Thank you for posting...I just graduated from OHSU this past June and remain unemployed. I cut my listening short because I'm not sure I'm in the mood for what they might say about all this.

I'm getting bitter. :madface:

I will defintley listen to this later. NPR was one of the many people I wrote to last year about being a New Grad/Old Grad and not being able to find a job. Let's hope they got the story right. Not many others have. I even wrote to Oprah!

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