"That's a myth about nursing"

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You know this for fact? You've spoken to department managers or HR departments and they've told you this?

I see this thrown about as a fact, and I can only speak of my experience in my current facility, but I can assure you it's NOT the case.

Not the OP buy my previous employer did this. First, they took a very long time (weeks after having someone leave a position) to post a position. Then it would be advertised for weeks/months and eventually it would go away. We all assumed management was just testing out what they could get away with as far as staffing. As long as we continued to fill the vacant shifts, they saw no need to invest the time and money in new hires. And it's really hard to not agree to cover shifts knowing your co-workers/patients are going to be at risk working short. I know when I left, they wound up hiring for .5 instead of the .8 position I had held. The "theoretical" openings became really noticeable as our hospital and clinics were purchased by a huge entity. I imagine the overlords were trying to cut corners anywhere they could given the rate of expansion they were/are undergoing. (SSM Health) There's definitely no BSN shortage here; we have a top nursing school/research hospital in my city (in the midwest).


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Do you have any actual evidence of this (perhaps a journal article), or is this simply your opinion?

I thought the new medicare/medicaid investigation into staffing levels in LTC and SNF's verified this. More than a thousand such facilities kept telling the investigators they were trying to fill open positions in order to artificially inflate their ratio numbers, but finally medicare looked into and found out the positions had been open for YEARS.

They just downgraded something like 2,000 facilities down to 1 star out of 5 as a result.

Made national news.



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There's a big demand in my area, but in addition to that, I keep getting emails on LinkedIn asking me if I'm interested in this state or that.


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"There is a shortage of nurses willing to work under current bedside nursing conditions." AMEN!