"If you sit down and chart for more than 15 minutes, that's considered a break"

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We just had another wonderful meeting with management that usually points out our flaws, our low scores, introduces another document to sign during our shifts, and generally are a drag. ESPECIALLY our most recent one! Management has informed us that if we sit down and chart for more than 15 minutes, THAT'S considered one of our breaks because we've been sitting for a "prolonged period of time." Not only that, but management also said that if we take bathroom break that's "too long" (they didn't specify a time), that that too is considered one of our breaks. I laughed internally and thanked God I'm a night shifter that doesn't have to deal with management enforcing such crap. Do these people really except us to stand and walk around (apparently this is how we're supposed to chart?) for 11 hours of our shift? NO ONE DOES THAT - IN ANY JOB.

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I think these people should be introduced to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Good grief, no wonder nurses are leaving the profession to work with sane managers in retail!

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I'm so glad I work at a unionized hospital. I don't know if I'll ever leave, because hearing things like this really makes me realize how good we have it!

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