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I've been taking prereqs to apply to the RN programs where I am (we have an ADN through a community college and a BSN through a university). My husband is in the navy and we found out that we're not going to be here long enough for me to finish either one of these programs without staying behind. I can't apply until next semester and that's starting next fall - and that's not even guaranteeing I get in. I have a great GPA, but so do many of my classmates. There are only so many spots and some people are waiting two years after taking prereqs just to get in. This has led me to look at other options. We have two "for profit" career institutes here. Both offer LPN programs and one also has an RN program. The pros are- I can start the LPN program in January and be finished before we move. I haven't talked to the school with RN program, but I don't have a computer pre-req (I wonder if I can test out of it). The downsides are - well, firstly the cost! The LPN program is $25000! While this is overpriced, I will be able to start and be finished sooner! The RN program is $35000 - but I have many of the classes already, so maybe it won't be as much for me. Also, I'm worried about the reputations of these schools. I'm worried what future employers will think of going to a "career institute" versus the traditional community college or university route. What's your opinion or experience?

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I'm attending a career institute LPN program. Yes, it is expensive, but there are a lot of people in your situation who choose it. I would say that more than half of my class are using it to get their foot in the door and are planning to work as an LPN for a year or two before continuing their education. For me, the length of the program (2 weeks short of a year) and lack of a waiting list more than balance out the extra expense. At my school the tuition is all-inclusive--there are no lab fees, records fees, computer fees, etc.; Books and uniforms are supplied by the school; background checks and drug screenings for clinical sites are paid for by the school; and the NCLEX-PN fee is taken care of (unless you fail, then you pay for the second attempt yourself). If you have already taken some classes, you may be able to audit them. There were 3 or 4 students (out of 28 in my class) that didn't have to take A&P. Send me a private message if you want more info about this specific program--I don't know where you are, but the school has branches nationwide so I might be able to answer some questions.

Edited to add: as far as I know from talking to instructors and nurses at clinical sites, employers don't really look at WHERE you went to school, they look at your license and your NCLEX score.

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WOW. 35K for nursing school? I graduated from a BSN program w/ 6K in loans and that included rent and groceries!

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