"Addicted to the Internet?" (what do you think?)

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As in previous posts that get little response.

This one is serious.

After walking another walk, I learned a few things about this thing called addiction.

(and no, I've been clean longer than most of you haave lived)


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Are you asking if computer addiction is a true addiction?

In my book it is.

Someone who will sit in front of the computer, missing meals, ignoring school work, family, and friends, hours on end, and frequently all night in my estimation is addicted.

Or maybe it is OCD.

I think the hallmark of an addiction is when there are negative consequences on your life that one becomes willing to ignore/endure to continue the behavior.

Unfortunately the field is so new there are not many treatment programs. None in my area. But I did find this one. Hope this helps.


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I do think it's possible to be addicted to the computer, including the interent. My son was heavily into drugs and computers, he's clean and straight as far as the drugs are concerned, but the computer is still a problem, according to his girlfriend that he lives with. My husband seems to be consumed by a couple of computer games ("Snood" being the worst; and I was playing that nonstop while my son was in jail too!) which he plays nonstop for hours at a time. I find that I need to tear myself away from this BBS in order to do housework-- does that count? (Not that I like housework anyway, you understand). ;)

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The Internet is terrifyingly addictive! I find myself glued to it even when I have an early shift.


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I am on the internet at work. Does that count. Tonight it was slow I was on it for 6 hrs of a 12 hr shift. But on 3 discussion forums and research sites. I guess you could say I get paid to surf the web ...lol.


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