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Quitting a Per-diem Job when you've been on leave?

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I am wondering what the protocol is for officially leaving a per-diem nursing assistant job when you've been on leave (for school) I never gave the employer a time that I would be coming back, and now they are wondering when i will be back and what holiday I am going to work. Is it necessary to do 2 weeks if i haven't been working there in months?

I would say that they're calling you because they're desperate for holiday coverage. If you never intend to return there, send them a nice note thanking them for the chance to work there (last summer, whenever), and saying that you have moved on to other opportunities. If you want to keep the door open, throw them a bone and work a shift or two over the holidays-- apply it to your book bill. :)

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It depends on the repercussions. What are you requirements for working? A per diem position should have a minimum commitment. For example: you must work at least one shift per month and one holiday per year. It sounds like they have been accommodating of your school schedule but they not not remain so understanding if they feel like you are shirking your responsibilities. If you tell them you aren't returning at all, they may consider you to have resigned without notice. Likewise, if you don't work at all this holiday season, they may terminate you for failing to fulfill your minimum requirements. Both of these situations may make you ineligible for rehire. If you ever plan on listing this employment on a resume, it may negatively affect you if a prospective employer learns that you were terminated or are not eligible to be rehired.

If you no longer care to be employed there or don't want to work the minimum required hours, the most prudent and professional thing to do is to hand in a resignation with notice and work whatever you are required to work until your resignation takes affect.

I would at the very least either call or send a professional email thanking them for the opportunity and just letting them know per diem isn't something you can work into your schedule right now. I just left a per diem job, we did not have to work holidays though, and I sent a resignation email after I finished all of the shifts I had signed up for, they seemed to take it well.