Quitting nursing due to PTSD now what?

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Thanks in advance for any help i can get. I have PTSD and have been hospitalized 3 times in the last year due to some major stresses. I am actually back to work right now, but because of the disclosure laws, I am really scared about disclosing and opening myself up to having to face board one on one. I haven't gotten into any kind of disciplinary action, but I just think it's time maybe I think of doing something less stressful and then I won't have to worry with the renewal/disclosure process. Any ideas of what to do next? I am 45 so don't know where to start......again!

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Take a vacation in home health, autonomy , one on one care

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By home health, you mean private duty? Taking care of one patient for 8-12

hours. I've never done it except for one day, I followed this little girl around

school with a suction machine all day, in case something got caught in her

trach. Easiest nursing job I've ever done in my life.

Yes, private duty full time seems like it could be very non-stressful,

depending on the client and the family.

Intermittent home health on the other hand... seeing several patients a

day, full time.. can be VERY stressful. Part time or PRN wouldn't be so bad.

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What about something away from the bedside? Case management, Quality, Risk Management, Infection Control... Or perhaps working in a doctor's office, wound care clinic, outpatient surgery...

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