Quitting my new grad RN residency after 1 month?!?!

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I need advice, I started my new grad residency program at the beginning of this month on a PCU unit. I've always wanted to work in either ER or ICU but I spent months looking and there was no positions for new grads so I settled for the PCU due to financial obligations. I'm 3 weeks in to the residency and I am yet to start on the floor as we've been doing lots of education and skills training. I got a message today from another hospital I had applied to telling me that they have an opening in the ER to start next month. This is my dream job and if I would've been offered it while I was job hunting I would've immediately taken it. The problem now is that I don't know how to quit when I haven't even started with my preceptor. I am set to start on the PCU floor this coming week and my interview for the other job is tomorrow (which I'm 98% sure I'll get offered the position) I'm debating whether I should risk the embarrassment and shame of quitting and wasting this hospitals time and money to go for the job I really really want. This hospital I am currently at is without contract but It would feel weird putting in my 2 weeks to a manager I haven't even met yet for a floor I haven't even been on. I feel like if I were to quit there would be no point in me doing the 2 weeks although I'm thinking I should explain to them that I got offered my dream specialty and although I would love to stay at this hospital this is what I've always wanted to work in and on top of that the pay is higher, if they would like me to finish my 2 weeks I would be more than happy to use the training and learning opportunity. Please give me advice on what to do, I'm conflicted.

If you get the other position just quit, and don't show up. They wouldn't give you notice if they wanted to fire you. That's what I would do. You'll thank me later. Especially since you haven't even been on the floor yet. 

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I want to offer my 2 weeks just to leave on a good note but I know they probably won't need it as I'm still in training and it would be pointless. I just hate that I have to quit the same day I'm meeting my manager. I'm literally gonna be like hi nice to meet you by the way I'm quitting haha.

Heyyy it is what it is. Furthermore I had a job last week. Med surg, I didn't even go to the training and blocked all numbers. Now I'm starting psych next week. 29.00 vs 37.50 it was a no brainer. 

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If I were you I would explain to my current hospital that I got an offer to work in the ED at another hospital, and that is my first choice of specialties. Can you transfer me to ED? If they cannot or will not, you have given them the opportunity to keep you and they have declined, and it is okay to walk away with your head high.

You absolutely can get away with blocking employers and ghosting, because the job market for nursing is so good right now, but it may bite you later. I would avoid behaving this way. It's always better to explain your decisions, hiring manager and HR respect this and one day if the tables are turned, you will want it to. Also, if you get a better offer, take that to your current employer and ask them to match it. If they can't, they will understand why you left. 

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As a manager who was recently ghosted by a new hire, I can tell you that explaining - even if it isn't the full truth - will be much less likely to burn bridges than ghosting.

I was in a similar position to you, however I hadn't started work yet - got hired to a float pool and not a day after filling out my hire paperwork, I got offered my dream position on an inpt pedi unit. I called the hiring manager and explained my circumstances and while she was a little disappointed, she told me that if anything changed and they had available jobs, to consider reapplying in the future. 

I don't think they'll want you to work your 2 weeks as they would essentially be paying you to train, which is a waste of their money. If you decide to give notice, just be prepared that you likely be without work/a paycheck until your new job starts...

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Update, It was my first shift on the PCU floor and my preceptor was so nice but I can't see myself being on that floor for long. I got the call today while on my shift from the other hospital offering me the ER position. I accepted the job offer but am waiting for the background check to go through as I didn't tell the ER hospital that I'm currently working as a new grad at their competitor hospital as I didn't want to make it seem like I'd just quit once I got a better offer. So I'm hoping they don't tell me anything about that when they see it on my background check. But if it does end up going smoothly I'm going to talk to my manager and tell her the truth like you guys were saying, that I got offered a position on my dream specialty and although I've really enjoyed my experience at the current hospital and apologize for wasting their time I can't pass up on this opportunity.

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Also yes I thought about the paycheck thing and that I'd prob have to wait another 3 weeks once I start the new job to get a paycheck. But I calculated and I think I can hold off until that check and be good with bills.

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