Quitting a job at a possible workplace after graduation?


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So my question is would it be a bad move to quit a job at a hospital where I would like to be employed at after I get my BSN?

Heres some backround on this question:

I am currently a full time nursing student in the BSN program. My first job is at a company that has a center for children with MR/DD and supported living homes for adults in the community. I have been there a year. My second job is at a local Childrens Hospital, and it is one of the best hospitals around with some of the best units in the state. I really want to work there after graduation. My position there now is a home care assistant. I don't like it for many reasons, but the main points are not enough time, short shifts that basically make me have a lot of waiting time but not enough to be able to go home and accomplish anything, no new clients, just one, the rest of my shifts are basically spent in a center that cares for sick children when they cant go to daycare.

I am terrified to quit jobs and I just dont know if it would look bad for me to have worked there for 5 months. Leaving my other job is NOT an option I am in love with that job and my clients I have.

What would you guys do?


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I'd write a letter of resignation, giving two weeks notice, and explaining that the demands of school require that you, unfortunately, need to give up working. I'd relate that I value the experience I've gained, how impressed I am with their facility/staff/administration/doctors and hope to have the opportunity to return to a position as an RN in the future.

People leave jobs for various reasons all the time, and as long as you leave on good terms I don't see why they would hold that against your future employment with them.

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I second that and also give them a good long notice and let them know you can be flexible until they find someone as that will go a long way in the future. Make sure you burn no bridges and leave on the best terms so that you are elogible for rehire in the future.

Best wishes to you


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Is it absolutely necessary that you quit either job? Could you possibly cut down your hours or take on a different arrangement where you are at both jobs just enough to have the jobs, but not enough to harm your schooling? Sometimes there are employers who will cooperate with students in this manner. I'm thinking primarily about the place that you really want to work at after graduation. If at all possible, you should stay there as it should help you get your first RN job there to be hired from within. Good luck.


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I'm hoping to go back to work at my old hospital when I finish with NS. I just explained to them that I wanted to give school my complete focus so I could do my very best. Hopefully, when I graduate they will have an open position for me. I left on good terms, gave plenty of notice and everything. They said they would give me preference over someone who hadn't worked there before. Of course, if I had stayed on as employee they would have paid for a chunk of my schooling.

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