Quit job by phone call?


Would you do it? Have you seen it done? At the last hospital I worked for someone did that and a couple of the nurses said something like 'yeah, I've gone out with a bang like that before' and didn't flinch. I have been thinking of quitting my job that way. I don't want to, but my manager seems passive-aggressive, like she'd try and mess with me if I gave professional notice.

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I have resigned over the phone in the past. I've done it a couple of times when quitting non-nursing jobs and once when exiting a nursing position.

Is it unprofessional? Very much so! However, do I regret it or feel guilty for resigning over the phone? Absolutely not.


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I resigned my last nursing job via phone call to my nurse manager and a follow up email. I resorted to phone call bc I worked night shift, it was a friday and wouldn't see her for a few days and I wanted to give my required four weeks asap.

I've never called and resigned on the spot.


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I have. Be aware they you are burning a bridge by doing this. I assume that since you are quitting by phone rather than in person to avoid your manager, that you will not be putting in an advance notice either. That will not go over well and you can just assume you will be marked as not eligible for rehire. If you can get a letter of recommendation from someone you trust beforehand, that would be ideal.

I would do it only as a very last resort. It's not professional. Unless you have a specific reason for doing it then suck it up and give formal notice and stay however long that requires you (2-4 weeks). I do understand that sometimes you may feel like yo have no other option... Just be prepared to accept the consequences.

I did it once. It was a small company they I knew with 100% certainty I would not work for again. I reported abuse I saw to the state during my facility orientation, then I quit over the phone and never returned. The worst part was that no one seemed surprised or bothered when I reported the abuse to my supervisor.