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anybody watch the special on this family? the mom gets sleep every night. the daddy is defensive about having negative feedback. isn't this the couple that posted their own website asking for a new truck, appliances, and were even specific in the brands they were requesting? come on....

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They are called miracles because without intervention they wouldn't be here. It's a miracle for an infertile women to become a mom-in our eyes.

In a typical IVF, when you've slapped down 15,000-25,000 dollars for a single month-long procedure, you are easily swayed into accepting more than 2 or 3 embryos into your womb.

The REs who encourage, or allow women to have 6 or 10 embryos placed inside, or the RE who went along with an IUI when the couple had 13 follicles should be the real subject of criticism.

I can just say that after being infertile for so long, you go absolutely insane. Your inhibitions start dropping and you become just about ready to try and do anything.

We are a weak, susceptible bunch of women. We just want a baby...

cardiac, I didn't mean to make light of your struggle. I truly wish for you to know the joy of having a child.

I also never meant to imply that the babies themselves are not miracles. Just as babies who are conceived without the help of medical technology are miracles. The children are the miracles, not the means by which they were conceived.

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I can't stand the publicity placed on the wee ones that live problem free. It isn't very often that you actually have a chance to observe the harsh reality that a lot of the nicu families have to face. Women seem floored when you tell them that their 28 week twins may not live. Sad .

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