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So I'm currently a full time student at my community college.

And I'm about half way done, with my pre reqs for the rn program.

But with the influx of people trying to enter nursing through the community college level, nursing programs are harder to get into, and I feel that I've had a better chance if I transferred to a university, (For my case Cal State, State, etc.).

But I'm a bit at a split of roads, cause I could have the option of staying at my JC, and try to get into the rn program at my school or applying at other community colleges around the area, or just transfer to a university, and getting into their program.

So my question is, WHAT SHOULD I DO, I need a bit of guidance here.

Cause I don't know what my chances would be on the community college level vs university level.

It's been a subject thats been bothering me for a while now, cause my plan was to transfer to a university for my bsn after the nursing program at my jc, but these things have been changing my mind, so transferring earlier than i expected doesn't seem like a problem to me, but I just wanna hear a second opinion that if i do decide to go to a university for the rn program that it would be a probable decision.

My main concern is chances, which option would give me the better chance of getting into the program.

Thank you.

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apply EVERYWHERE see where you get in. That makes the decision a lot easier

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I would suggest you apply to the nursing program at the JC and apply to several Universities. If you get accepted to more than one you can choose. I think if you can afford it and get in going for the BSN directly is the better option. I was getting ready to do the ASRN at a CA JC but wound up transferring out of state to a university. I feel the BSN program is better preparation for nursing but everywhere I have been there have been ASRNs working and everybody says they are great. The RN to BSN programs are popular and I know a few people doing that for management, pay raises and such. Just apply away and look at the specifics of the programs that accept you.

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