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Quick Question about College Network

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hi everyone! i will graduate in october w/my lpn. my gpa is good enough to get into the rn program at my school but it will take me 15 months after that to complete. i have 100 hours in gen ed from where i was previously an education major. i was thinking about joining college network because i've heard that you can get your classes done alot quicker especially if you have most of the gen ed so that all you need is the nursing stuff. college network is also about $12000 cheaper than my current schools program. my question is how long does it take to go from your lpn to asn online. my biggest concern is that i will not learn as much as i would if i went to a regular class because in class we have the interactions, the stories, and the various ways to learn. if anyone could share their experience with me i would greatly appreciate it. thank you!

Stay away from The College Network. It is not a nursing program. It is nothing more than a publishing company that will charge you several thousand dollars for study guides that you can buy used on ebay for $15 to $30 apiece. Stick with your present program to get the best education possible. If you want to switch to Excelsior College, go to their website, http://www.excelsior.edu, to learn about their program, and contact them for info. Start with finding out if Excelsior College is even accepted in your state. If you are interested in the Indiana State University LPN to RN program, do the same thing. Keep in mind that you can do both of these programs without paying an extra $5000 to $6000 to TCN.

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Most people don't get Excelsior's program done any quicker than the 15-month time frame for your program, even if a student passes everything. (You are going to have to have your LPN license to be admitted to EC, too, which will add more time.) If you stick it out in your program now and get it done, you are so much less likely to run into problems with the powers that be that grant nursing licenses than you would with EC (particularly if you move to a non-EC-friendly state). I vote for sticking with your current program, but if you do go the EC way, kick College Network, Rue, etc., to the curb, or at least shop on ebay for their study guides.

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