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Quick Job Question/Advice

CalaMom CalaMom (New) New

I need your help if you can....I'm lost and think I have lurked around this site for far too long without posting. I applied for several jobs on a job board over the past few months....some within the hospital/nursing (receptionists, registrars, housekeeping, etc.) nothing requiring any certification/degree as I have nothing right now but am hoping to get my foot in the door somehow some way so one day (when my twins are in school full time potentially 3 years from now) I can go to school and eventually become a nurse like I want AND will have at the very least a connection to nursing world.

I'm getting off topic lol...anyway I received a call Tuesday around 4 pm....from someone? I was at the store at the moment but she left a message asking if I was still interested in the position. The problem is the message was broken up. I couldn't understand her name or where she was even calling from---or even at the very least what the position was for. I want to call her back within a reasonable time frame but I'm not sure who I'd be calling or who to ask for or even what position it was for. Caller ID is no help as it came up as unknown caller. I've listened to the message so many times since Tuesday I'm starting to hear it in my sleep lol.

How would you go about calling them back without sounding like an idiot or like you just want ANY job and not necessarily THIS job? Any advice would be of help as I'm lost and would hate to pass up on an opportunity if its one that might help me get where I want to be later in life. Thank you.

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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Just call back and say the message was breaking up and can they clarify? It happens all the time- and the longer you wait the more they'll think you're not interested.

Start with couple most recent places you applied, ask for HR: "Hello...My name is _______ and I'm returning a call I received about an available position for which I recently applied. I'm hoping you're the person with whom I need to speak (or might know the correct extension...)...." etc. If you know the posting # that will help. If you don't and they ask which position, just tell them the best you can remember. Somewhere along the line you can throw in that you couldn't make out some details because the message was broken up.

If they say they didn't call you, move on to the next. I wouldn't count on them leaving a second message, so there's not much you can do other than start calling.

Good luck!


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