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Happy Thursday.

I have some questions for ya'll.

I'm not attending nursing school for another 12 mo. , doing my pre-reqs. However, I look over the Nclex study guide to get a feel for what 's ahead. Do yall have any suggestions during off times as to what I can start studying?? (abbreviations,meds, etc)

Also,I've never even worked near a hospital! Wouldn't volunteer work be good? (like at a clinic or home health, something?) I did it for one mo. in med surg, but it was such a mess cus the nurses did not want me on the floor taking vitals with the CNA at all. It was a very strange unpleasant experience, but at least I know how to do vitals.

Final question:

I certainly hope all hospitals use the automatic sphygmo. because the manual one is so hard to distinguish the difference between systolic and diastolic, but I"m sure we'll get lots of practice correct?

thx so much.



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Nursing school should and is supposed to prepare you to preform skill required by an entry level nurse. Don't worry about not knowing how to do something you have not been taught or don't have much practice. The NCLEX is primarily made up of questions about nursing priorities and judgements. Something that you can't study for until you are well into your nursing program. It might help you to feel more confident to become farmiliar with medical terminology and volunteering or becoming an aide could help you learn some basic skills but I don't think it will give you any great advantage. Very little is done in real life the way they teach you in school. Good luck with school. I had all of the same thoughts abut trying to prepare myself before I started school. Try to relax and focus your time and attention on your classes.


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If you have the time and interest I would suggest you take EMT training. Good to know what to do when "everything goes wrong."

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