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I was wondering whether or not you would recommend a BSN or ADN degree for me if I want to be a NICU nurse. What are the benefits of either. In college are you able to have a clinical in NICU unit? Finally what is the hardest /easiest thing about nursing school? Any oregon college recommendations?


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I recomend BSN if you want to pursue any more education after that, otherwise the ADN is just fine in most places (though some places require a BSN). Our NICU only hires BSNs and they also have to have certification in neonatal nursing (part time courses for a year). Some colleges let you have a rotation in the NICU, others don't so ask the school that you are interested in. Worst thing about nursing school is the lack of an outside life and papers. Best thing: I had an awesome group of classmates.

If you have the time & resources, go for the BSN. More education gives you more opportunities. Many places don't care if you have ADN or BSN for staff nurse positions, but it never hurts to have the BS degree. The benefit of ADN is that it can be done in less time (but it's still a long haul & hard work). Why not check at local hospitals & see what their NICU RNs job requirements are?

As for what is the hardest or easiest thing in nursing school... for me the hardest thing was feeling like a bumbling novice each time I did something new in clinical. The easiest thing for me was term papers & case studies (I like that kind of stuff...interesting). Good luck in school!


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Hi Everyone,

I was reading through some of the posted messages on this thread with interest and throught I would post a reply.

Obviously as a New Zealand Nursing Student I cannot make any comments about suitable Nursing programmes in the US. In New Zealand we only have the choice of a Bachelor of Nursing Degree which is a BN or BSN or BHSN. What is an ADN? Is it a Diploma course? Am just curious because our Diploma courses or Comprehensive Nursing Diploma's as they were called, have not been available anywhere in New Zealand since the mid 1990's. Although a three year comprehensive programme, the Diploma course was not a degree and involved half the amount of theory and practical hours that we degree students must complete now. Another programme which is also no longer available here was our Enrolled Nursing programme. This was an 18 month full-time course. Do you have a similar course currently available in the US?

Hope to receive a reply.

Regards A Pudney:)

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