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Greeting to all,

I thought that I would post these questions which I have via Allnurses as a topic simply because I am not able to bring myself to ask a collegue due to my embarassment. As I am presently in the process of job searching and therefore have been browsing through several nursing job advertisements for various positions and levels of nursing, I have happened across multiple ads seeking an LPN. Being an APN, but initially starting my nursing career by obtaining an LPN/LVN license, I never really entertained the idea of utilizing this credential. However, as I found that securing a job as an RN in a hospital based facility is much more difficult than I originally anticipated especially when considering my lack of paid experience, this prospect seems more and more prominent.

I understand the concept that I would be held to a higher standard of care as I have obtained an advanced nursing education. This does not pose a personal issue for me though simply because by me utilizing a lesser license my advanced nursing knowledge or skill-set would not be effected. My main goal during this job search tecnicially is to secure a nursing position, be it as a staff nurse or as a provider in order to generate a higher income. My secondary and more personal goal is to secure a position as a staff nurse in order gain more hands on bedside nursing experience. As I do not believe that holding an LPN/LVN job would satisfy the financial stipulations of my job search, I would not plan on making this my permanent or full time job. I already have a potential job as a clinician secured and was told that it is 95% a gaurantee I will be offered this position if my shadowing period goes well. Unfortunately due to my deficient nursing experience I have not been able to gain any footing towards an RN position but believe that with my extensive nursing education I will be more likely to secure a LPN/LVN position in a LTC or SNF facility. If it is pheasible, I am considering working concurrently as a provider as well as pursing an LPN/LVN position to accomplish my secondary goal quicker. My questions clearly stated: Can an APN in fact utilize an LPN license if active? If so, when applying, is divulging that you are an APN necessary or will listing an RN education and license number suffice?

I understand that this question for many will probably seem extremely ridiculous and may potentially ilicit a slightly brusque response which is why I would like if possible to receive responses that are relevent to my specific question in order to avoid being "flamed". please. :)

Thanks to all who apply :)



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I am not sure if this will be very helpful in answering your question but I personally know a Physician Assistant who works part time at a local hospital in California as a Respiratory Therapist and also in a Cardiology office. I know of an NP who works as a Paramedic too, although NP's and LVN's work in the same field unlike the latter I listed. You can also try calling the BRN to get an accurate answer.




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Do you still possess an active LPN license? For some reason, I believe I've read (probably here!) that a licensed nurse can only hold one license. At any rate, it is my understanding that you would be held to the practice standards of the highest license held, whether the position requires it or not. If I'm wrong, someone will no doubt correct me!

I think your most obvious hurdle will be convincing the potential employer to hire you. Because of your advanced degree/license, they will assume that (as you said), you will not be a "permanent or full-time" employee and likely would be reluctant to invest in your training and orientation.

On the other hand, congrats on your almost-certain new position!


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I worked for a few years as a staff RN while looking for a permanent position in my advanced practice specialty a few years ago. I purposely only applied for a prn position and was very open in my interview about how this was going to be temporary while I was looking for a permanent position, but the facility I approached was happy to hire me on a prn basis, and gave me plenty of work. You may get better results by taking that approach, since, as you know and has already been mentioned here, no one is going to take you very seriously applying for a permanent LPN position when they can assume that you're going to move on as soon as you get an advanced practice job. IMO, it makes you a more credible and attractive applicant to be honest with them about that in the first place.