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I'm planing on taking the HESI exam sometime in Feb. 2011. Im pursuing a BSN. This would be my first time taking the HESI exam.

I bought the Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam Review book, the Nursing School Entrance Exam (CliffsTestPrep), and McGraw-Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exams. I have to take the following eight components of the HESI A2 Entrance Test: Math, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and General Knowledge, Grammar, Anatomy and Physiology, Critical Thinking, Learning Styles and Personality Styles.

Does anybody have any advise on how I should prepare myself for this exam? How much time should I spend studying?

My concerns:

-I heard that the vocabulary section that is on the Evolve Reach Admission Assesment Exam book, is not useful in the actual exam; any recommendations on what vocabulary words I should study.

-How can I prepare myself for the critical thinking section?

-Should I just study the basics on Anatomy and Physiology or should I go into detail?

Anybody who has taken the exam please reply!!!!!

Thank you in advance.

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It's my understanding the HESI is customized for each school and each situation. I'm not sure if that's true of the one you are taking but could make it hard to get a clear answer on what to study. My one piece of advice would be to try hard to exclude the "patient said" stuff and try to mine out whether it a "find the right answer" "find the wrong answer" or a T, T, F,T answer. It's usually hidden in amongst all the blather about clients. Good luck.


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I took the Hesi A2 twice for 2 different schools here in Texas. Like you I had to answer all parts of Hesi. Math was easy just simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction, rate, percentage, base, ration and proportion and some problem solving, conversion of cups, pint, quarter, gallon. You can use a simple calculator. On Chemistry, conversions (metric system) like mL to L, symbols or elements, know the atomic number, atomic mass for, acid/basic, ph. In Biology study the cell (parts and functions), study also the types of transfer like active transport, mitosis, meiosis, facilitated diffusion. On A&P Study the parts of the heart (ventricles, atrium, valves), arteries, veins, parts of long bone, parts of the nervous system. Just study the one from the reviewer, they are very helpful. On the vocabulary study medical terms on the Critical thinking most questions are about triage and first aid.

The first time I took it I got 75.55%, I have not taken A&P II and was still taking Microbiology that time. The second time I got 82.19% after I finish taking my pre-reqs and got 860 on critical thinking.

I hope these information help you. Good Luck on your test.


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Thank you for replying. How about the grammar and reading? My first language is spanish, but I have been in the USA a couple of years. Oh, one more thing, are we allowed to use scratch sheet of paper?


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The evolve book was decent at preparing me for the exam though it contained many mistakes.