Questions re: SSN and NCLEX


Hi I just need an information. I made an application for NCLEX exam in florida, but they're required SSN. but they emailed me that I can take the NCLEX exam without the SSN but to process my license I need to have the SSN. My problem is, the independent agency who is going to process my finger print that base in florida told me that I need to have the SSN to process my hardcard finger print. without the SSN the FDLE will going to reject my application. I am currently living in the UK ,Scotland and there is no chance to have the SSN, coz I am not living nor working in the US. Looking for any advice what to do?


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also, I have tried to check the IRS and there is a form W-7 for ITIN. I don't know if I can apply for that which I am not living in the US.

I would suggest you call personally and explain you are not in the USA and see what, if any, options they offer.


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Hello..can you share what happened to your application so far? I am also applying for NCLEX EXAM in Florida. I'm in the first stage which is the CES..


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Can you please share how you went about this? I'm currently thinking of getting Florida Licence. How did you get your fingerprint and licence without SSN? Please help