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Questions about LNA...

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Hi everyone,

I've been reading this site for the past couple of days and have some questions, if you don't mind.

First, I'm going to be starting an LNA course from LNA Health Careers on January 20th at Dover Rehab.....does this program include a BLSC or should I look for that class somewhere else?

Second, I'm not sure which direction I want to start off in - LTC or Hosp. Can LNA's in the Dover/Rochester or even Concord area PM about their place of employment and starting pay w/shift diffs? I'm hoping to work the evening shift (overnight) which will be easier for my family. I'm thinking starting in LTC for the State reimbursement of the program but I wish to work in a hospital, as I'm inquiring now about going back to school for my ADN. My goal is to be an Oncology Nurse.

Third, I'm turning 40 in 2007 and is this something that I really can obtain as a goal? Would love to hear from other "older" collage bound people!



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Ok, so Im not an older person. But I did LNA healthcareers, and I did it through Dover Rehab. Who will your instructor be? What time will you be taking your class and when? I can give you the lowdown. It does not include BLS, if you do it through them, it costs 50 dollars. Where I went to work after wards, they payed ME to take it. And it was easy and fun. Dover rehab is a decent place to take it, the nurses are great, some of the aids are iffy, but there are a couple of aids there that I took class with, and they should be good to work with.

If you start with longterm, you can handle A LOT in my opinion. You build quit a backbone doing that. Get some expereince there, and then go onto hospital. and no, 40 is NOT too old. One of the guys I work with, hes 37, hes an aid right now, and going to nursing school. PM me if you want to talk about Dover! Good luck

Thank you for your reply.....I didn't mean that only "older" people were to reply and give me advice ;)

I didn't ask who the instructor will be and I will be taking the weekend classes (from 7-3).

I'm pming you

I took my BLs at the Rochester Firehouse and it was only like $20.00 or something. The instructor was awesome too.

Good luck with your career choices!

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