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Hey everyone so my gpa is all out of wack. I have a 2.3 and I've taken micro 3 times and chem 4 times lol I know I know but adjusting to mommy hood and being a full time mom was a hard transition for me but I'm wondering how to much that will effect me at lamar university in tx. Also I'm at acc right now and they told me that I'm not likely to get into the program till 2016 so I was thinking of going to lamar which they require a 2.5 gpa but they require pathophysiology but acc requires pharmacology which I signed up for and start thursday... should I sign up for the pathophysiology instead cause I think ill be able to get into lamar faster then at acc.. I still have statistics and physiology to help bring up my math/science gpa... km just looking for so advice and also to see if their program is super competetive or what


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The required GPA is not usually the GPA for which nursing schools will accept applicants. It is usually where they will begin looking at applicants. For instance, TWU requires a GPA of 3.0 to even look at your application however they are super competitive and accepting applicants with a 3.8 - 4.0. Does that make sense? Some schools go by the point system and if you have completed a certain amuont of classes they will factor that in and increase your points, but they also calculate points according to GPA. So unfortunately, I would think it would be very difficult to get in anywhere with a 2.3 GPA. If you were accepted into ACCs nursing program, that is great - I would go there even if you have to wait or work on retaking classes and bringing the GPA up to at least 3.2. I don't know how it works, but perhaps you could consider a bridge program like LVN to RN. That may give you some extra points too!

I would take all the classes you can to raise the GPA up...


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Our school doesnt look at your GPA at all except you have to have a min of 2.0 to get in. Other than that they weight grades of pre-reqs and teas but is is only an ASN program :) it is also a very competitive program and you usually have to have A's and a high 70 or higher TEAS.


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