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I found out the other day that I have been accepted to UICs BSN program for fall 08 and I was wondering if anybody could answer some questions I have.

The thing I'm most concerned with at the moment is the 300 level science class I still need to take as a pre-req. Does anybody know exactly what classes are included in this? Are there going to be any available over the summer?

I was also wondering what to expect for the first semester, what does the class time/ clinical rotation schedule look like esp.


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Congratulations on getting in! If you are talking about the upper division elective you can take that over the summer. I am taking mine this summer. You can also take the nursing elective over the summer.

The first semester is the hardest I think. I didn't think I would make it at first but I did fine. Just make yourself a schedule so you know when everything is. You will probably have clinicals either tues/wed or thurs/fri. There is a clinical lottery that you will have to fill out. I had school every day but some people had one day off. Good luck! They will give you more information at orientation.

Hey I also was accepted into UIC's BSN program for the fall!!


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I am applying for UIC's RN-BSN program this fall. I have already a biochemistry course, but it didn't have a laboratory component. Did the bioc. course that you all took included a lab component? Thank you and good luck to you all!

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