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Just recently, I decided that I would aim towards becoming a nurse, particularly a pediatric nurse. Mind you, I'm still in high school and have about a year left, but I am applying to a high school for nursing and beginning to look for financial aid and such. The reason I want to become a nurse is to be able to help people and help them get better. But there's one problem- I hate needles! They scare me! And I cannot deal with very tragic and grotesque things... such as a head being split open. I was wondering if these things will hold me back once I begin nursing school? Will the fears go away? I am really set on becoming a nurse, and don't want these things to hold me back.

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Well, I'd have to say that first of all, you won't be the one on the receiving end of the needles (most of the time, although there are required immunizations for school); so hopefully that helps your fear. Secondly, yes, there are gross things in nursing, but they are pretty average daily things, like urine, vomit, and blood. I have never seen a person's head split open, and I'd imagine that only certain nursing specialties (like trauma and emergency department nurses) see car accident victims and things like that.

All nurses are required to know how to change dressings and assess wounds, but that is something that comes with the territory. All in all, these "gross" things are things you just sort of get used to after some time in the field. If you go to school and really feel you cannot face these things, then try talking to a teacher or another student to see how they deal with it.

**Also, go read the stickies "Is nursing the career for you?" and others to see what you think.**

Does anyone else agree that most people can get used to the "gross" stuff or do other people think maybe she shouldn't go into nursing if she has an issue with these things? Just curious to see what other nurses think.

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This kinds of fears defnitely diminish with time and with experience and exposure you should be able to conquer them.

Try to look at needles rationally and scientifically. They are a thin, tiny pieces of sterile metal used to improve patient's well being. That's all they are. They puncture the skin and they hurt. No big deal.

Good luck to you.


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Thanks you guys! Your replies definitely helped! :)

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