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I am right smack dab in the middle of taking my pre-reqs. I will have Micro and college algebra to complete next semester and then my pre-reqs are satisfied. I would like to get into a nursing school asap, but have no clue about any of the application processes. Is there an entrance exam and if so, what exactly is it over and when do you have to take it. I live in Houston, Texas, so if anyone knows anything about this process, PLEASE let me know! I am starting to get a little stressed! Thanks in advance for your time and any help you can give!



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I'm not sure about programs in Texas, but up here in WA we have to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) and pass with an 80 or higher to get into most of the Nursing programs. Google is your best friend, just look up all the Nursing Schools in your area and see what is required (all schools are different, but for the most part the General Education and entrance exams are similar). Then talk to the Nursing adviser at your school, or the ones you're interested in applying to. They have the know-all about what you need to submit your application, exams, deadlines etc.

Good luck through Nursing School and beyond!


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Hi there! What school are you going to be applying to? Have you spoken with an advisor at the school yet?

I am in Houston and attending LSC - Cy-Fair. I know that LSC and HCC both require the HESI entrance exam in order to get into the program. I don't know all the details of the HCC proram (or any university program for that matter) but for LSC the admissions process is VERY competitive. Your best bet is to speak to an advisor at whatever school you are trying to get in to and go from there. There are usually information sessions that you can attend as well that will give you TONS of information. You can also look up the colleges website and more than likely you can find a bunch of information there as well.

Hope that helps! If you have any questions about LSC (since that is really the only one I know about. :p) just ask!


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Hello! :)

You should contact the school if it's not clearly displayed on their site. Some schools require the TEAS (mentioned in an earlier response), while some require the NET, while others don't require an entrance test at all! Some require high school transcripts, some only require college transcripts. It seems to vary greatly depending on which school you're looking at.

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