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For current or past students...what schedule worked best for you or what would you have changed knowing what you do now? I was thinking of taking the Transitions class along with Algebra for the 1st session since the advisor and others on here said Algebra wasn't as hard as they though. My advisor isn't recommending this for some reason, and instead said to take the Cultural Diversity class with it.

Also...did anyone's Health Assessment from ADN transfer over? I heard of a few people who didn't have to take it at CCN because theirs did...mine did not. I asked her to talk to Evaluations again because I don't think it's right for us to have to take it all over again. She said it's a Bachelor's level, but I think that's BS. So far, I have to take 13 classes because only English was covered. Thought my Cultural Anthropology class would cover CCN's Cultural Diversity, but apparently not. So frustrating!

Hello. Im a current student at the chicago campus and their algebra class is a joke. You should be fine taking transitions and algebra together. Also if it were me I would probably do cultural diversity along with the other two. I heard diversity is not such a hard course. And also if your health assessment course didn't transfer and you know for sure it's the same course try obtaining a course syllabus from your previous course and maybe they'll grant it. I had the same problem with my speech course but of course in the end they still wouldn't take it. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info. I keep hearing about the campus Algebra class being easy, but not sure if it's a bit different online. I'm not the best student and tend to procrastinate so I'm not sure if I should take on 3 classes at once. I wish I were one of the many superwomen out there that can tackle a full course load, work full-time, and care for a family all at once with no problem. I don't want my family suffering because I'm constantly stressed out about school. I heard Cultural Diversity (along with other classes) requires a lot of paper writing. Then'll probably be at least a month before I start working (take boards next week and still have no bites on a job offer). Did you take all 3 of those courses at once? If you really think it's doable for someone like me, then I may reconsider.

No problem.I did algebra and transitions together. The campus algebra is online algebra the only difference is you have an instructor right there that you can refer to. There is no lecturing for the campus algebra. I felt like I might as well have taken it online. I haven't taken diversity yet i just heard about it but however I don't have any kids, so if you feel like you can handle only two then go for it. Good luck on your boards you'll be fine :)

If they don't make you do those stupid proctored tests, I would just take it online. No way you can fail a course online If ya know whatta mean?

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