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Questions about CGFNS (CVS) Transcript Form validation

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by Seau Yin Chong Seau Yin Chong (New) New Nurse

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I am using CGFNS service (CVS). My transcript validation form is stated Received but not accepted, and a lady of CGFNS told me that the signature and seal are not valid, they will contact my school and I don't have to do anything. Still, I provided her with the university mailing address and email address, hope that things are mailed and contacted to the right place. I also sent the university mailing address and email address via CGFNS contact us column. 

Did I do the right thing? Is there anything else I can do to smoothen the process?

Also, CGFNS said they haven't sent anything to my university yet, I am on the line for validation. Anyone with similar experience, how long did it take for your school to get the validation papers from CGFNS? When did you get update from CGFNS? Is it when they mail the validation papers out? Or after they get the signature and seal validation completed?

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