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I was accepted into CFCC for the 2022 FALL term and I've had some worries about the difficulty of the program. Has anyone gone through it that can give me their experience? My main worry is the extremely high attrition rate and how hard it supposedly is to make a B average. I am worried that I will be ruining my chances at a MSN later down the line if I mess up my GPA. I was referencing average NCLEX scores over the last 10 years and CFCC has the highest out of all Universities and Community Colleges in the state. Which I know implies that it will be overtly challenging to make it through. 

Thank you

I’m wondering the same. Hope you get feedback soon.

Have you thought about making a groupchat or facebook group?

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Thank you, and we wish you success getting in to the nursing program of your choice!

Hi! Congratulations on getting accepted! I just graduated from CFCC. It is a very difficult program, but not impossible. It's a huge commitment, and it will be a lot easier if you don't have to work full time and can dedicate most of your days studying. Learn test taking strategies!! NCLEX style questions and tests are unlike any other tests you've taken. I had lots of very smart classmates who struggled on tests because they weren't good test takers. 
If you'd like, send me a private message and I can give you more tips!
Congrats again!! Take the Summer to rest and enjoy your free time- you won't have much the next two years ?

Hey! Do you mind me asking, what were your grades when you applied? And also how many of the classes on the point system sheet did you actually complete? I am applying for the ADN Spring semester and I am very nervous I am not going to get in. Thanks

I completed every pre req class except Microbiology. I took micro during the program. I had A’s in all classes except 2 and they were B’s. I definitely recommend taking all pre reqs before you enter the program. It not only gives you a higher chance of being accepted but finding time for extra classes on top of your nursing class, studying for tests every week, and clinicals is rough. 
Good luck ? 

What were your total scores on your point count worksheets? 

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has anyone applied for fall 2023?

I did. Waiting to see if I got accepted.

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I am too! what was your point count total? thinking mine is pretty low LOL

IDK what is competitive for the school. I've looked everywhere. Mine was 416, wbu? 
donyou know what they look for? 

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